Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh Baby

Doesn't it always seem to RAIN babies? Once you hear that one person is expecting it seems like EVERYONE is having a baby! Not only do we know SEVERAL couples welcoming a new baby into their lives soon, most of these couples are expecting their FIRST!

I'm no expert at parenting BUT I sure have found a few things as a parent that have made life just SOOOOO much simpler. So all you ladies that I LOVE so much that are doing this for the first time, here is my list of things that I am oh so grateful I didn't have to live without.

A and D Ointment: Great for diaper rash, dry skin, chapped noses and cheeks, cuts and anywhere your babies skin is suffering a little. Throw out those other thick goopy diaper creams. Those creams are hard to clean (or RUB) off your babies bottom when they already have a soar tushy... totally negates the purpose. A and D will honestly turn a red bottom around so incredibly fast, it isn't stinky, it protects those cheeks from additional wetness and pretty much absorbs into the skin or is very easy to gently wipe off! The best EVER. Not only that it is also a great alternative to put on little cuts to help heal faster. I also use it on my own fingers in the winter when they are chapped and cracked, it works GREAT for a busy Momma's overly washed, used and abused winter hands.

Snack Trap: These little buddies will be your best friend. From about 10 months on these AWESOME contraptions make shopping trips better, rides in the car, long walks and really even snacking around the house. Throw in Cheerios, dried fruit, cut up bits of waffle, whatever! Snack Traps REALLY help turn the corner when moving from ALWAYS having to feed baby to the freedom of the baby feeding themselves!

Tinydiner Place Mat: These place mats make ANY visit to a restaurant feasible from the time baby can eat puffs and sit in a high chair until they can eat sufficiently using a glass plate in public (between 2 1/2 and 3).  The Tinydiner place mat even rolls up into itself and tucks amazingly into a diaper bag. We have used our place mat so much it needs to be replaced.

Sleep Sack: These little wonders give your baby a cozy warm night of sleep without having to worry about the swaddle coming undone and covering their sweet little face. Even when baby is older kicking off the covers and getting chilly in the middle of the night is pretty common, these little snugly wonders stay put with your rolly polly baby keeping them warm all through the night.

Scout or a bedtime singing friend: We have Scout and Violet (the purple Scout) for our kids. We like him because he has three time options for bedtime music, 2, 5 and 10 minutes. You can also personalize the music he plays. Not only that Scout has playtime modes too so when baby wakes in the morning they can loving play with their friend, giving you a few extra crucial minutes to get ready or snooze a bit longer.

jj Bundle Me: We didn't have one with our oldest and I always wrestled with a blanket to cover him up when he was in his car seat, the blanket always blew off and it was a lot to manage. We borrowed a bundle me with Q and WOW what a difference! It was so much easier to keep her warm and protected from the outside elements when transporting the kids to the car, it kept her nice and warm inside the car too. A bundle me really is crucial for any baby that will be in a baby car seat during the winter months.

Moby Wrap: Having a comfortable way to keep your baby close while at the grocery store, cleaning up around the house, taking a walk or really doing anything! There is ALWAYS circumstances when a stroller just isn't practical and you will need both your arms and who doesn't want that baby snuggled close. I really liked the Moby wrap, it is comfortable to wear for long periods and made outings such much easier with a toddler and a new baby.

Aveeno Fragrance Free Baby Wash and Shampoo: Our big guy C had some serious skin issues his first full winter. The only thing that kicked it was moving EVERYTHING to fragrance free. Honestly I have no idea why almost all baby products are riddled with fragrance even natural and organic washes have fragrance and no matter if it is natural or not in general fragrance is pretty harsh on the skin. So my thoughts, why wait and see if your bambino is sensitive to fragrance just do without from the get go, and REALLY they smell so sweet all on their own!

A Good Pump: Investing in a good pump can be crucial to make it for the long haul if you plan on breastfeeding, especially if you plan to breastfeed exclusively. It really is the only way to get a little freedom to say, go on a date or take a road trip that is longer than 2 hours. If you are a working Momma it IS the only option to make it work. The one time minimum $250 expense can seem like a lot of mulla, but compared to the $1700 a yearly cost of formula the pump expense isn't so bad. Also, my thought is go for a good DOUBLE pump, it really isn't the most enjoyable job so who wants to do it for twice as long?

Nursing Cover: I didn't have a nursing cover with my first but my sister found me one for our second and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The first time around I would use a blanket or mostly banish myself to a separate room. Not the funnest. Having a nursing cover made the all consuming task a little more manageable and a little less overwhelming. It really is so much easier to maintain a little privacy when those little baby helicopter arms and legs are trying to escape!!

Additional Suggestions:  A diaper bag with a cross body strap. Being able to wear your diaper bag across your body is so much nicer than your bag constantly falling off your shoulder. It is also much more comfortable to wear for a significant period of time.  Also, find a good floor play mat. Babies love these from a couple weeks old until they are crawling or scooting around on their own. A good play mat can keep those little arms and legs swinging and kicking for hours!

Do you have any products you can't live without for your little ones?

On a VERY exciting note, one of these babies on the way will be my very FIRST niece or nephew!!! Whoop Whoop, as C said last night at dinner when we prayed for the little peanut! Yay!! I'm going to be an AUNTIE!

That's my Shiny ~



  1. Well done, J. I was Just wondering the other day where you got the nursing cover you used with Q:) Miss you like crazy!
    Love ya,

  2. Hi! So glad I found your blog! I'm due to have my first this month and this was a great post for me! Love hearing from experienced mom's on what their favorite items are. I've heard the moby wrap is amazing! I've already been practicing all the wraps :) New follower!

    Bennett Love

  3. Thanks for the feedback! Sorry my reply isn't going to you directly, blogger just installed a new reply feature and it isn't working at the moment. I am hoping to fix this soon. My sister found my nursing cover at a craft fair, I bet Etsy might have some great inexpensive options! Good luck in the coming weeks as you prepare to welcome your babies! What and amazing time in life! ~ J