Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shiny of the Week: High Tops and Higher Education

This week has been crazy, a little overwhelming and a little fantastic! The Mr. started a graduate class last Friday, he's working towards his MBA. We are excited to start this chapter of our lives as he begins the process of getting his Masters Degree, I couldn't be prouder of my Mr.! Our kiddos are quite proud as well. Each night as Daddy is studying we make him a hot cup of tea and draw him a picture. C LOVES to get the tea out and check the "flavor" with his sniffer, he really likes the cinnamon apple, and then he waits patiently to hear the whistle of the tea kettle. He takes SO much responsibility in his duties of tea deliverer, cheerleader, motivational smoocher, and official artist.

It seems as if our little man has grown up so much in the last week! On Monday we went to look for new shoes for him and he picked out his OWN shoes. Not only did he pick them he INSISTED on them! I was not very fond of the shoes he choose at first, but they are VERY him and fit his sweet little sports loving personality so so much that it truly makes my heart smile seeing him wear them! My little guy picked out BLACK HIGH TOPS, yes like the ones that were styling in '80's. But how can a Mom resist when that sweet little almost 3 year old face says "Mom, these are my favorites to play basketball in". He, of course, wore the shoes out of the store, was a little upset when they got wet, MUST sleep with them in his room, figured out how to put them on all by himself and has been wearing them around the house CONSTANTLY. Not to mention that the basketball hoop now resides upstairs! Best $12.99 I've ever spent. Oh and they've grown on me. I now think his high tops are pretty snazzy, it's amazing how quickly a 35 lb little boy can change my perspective.

Let's not forget about our sassy little lovely Q, her fun of the week has been standing over the heating grate and letting her long locks blow like crazy when the heat kicks on.... and let me just tell you, IT IS HILARIOUS!

That's my Shiny ~


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