Monday, February 27, 2012

Big Girl and Big Giraffe

Our littlest lovely is growing fast and I’ve been scheming the plan for her room for quite some time. Mostly because when moved our little man into his big boy room I was a little unprepared and didn't have a clear plan, especially for the furniture. We ended up buying furniture that is ok, but REALLY generic and nothing we "invested" in, we ultimately wanted to get him in his room without spending a fortune and not hating it. So we accomplished all those things but who wants to just not hate the furniture in a room? This lesson has taught me that there is a fine line between hoarding for no reason and planning ahead. So for our little ladies room I have been planning ahead and I have scooped up some items I LOVE with a bargain price tag. Even though we don’t need these scores yet, we will! I think the result will be a unique room that we love with higher quality items for less money!

What we have and the loose plan:

HEADBOARD: The process all began when I went to barn sale (more on that here). I couldn't pass up this so cute headboard, made of REAL wood, in great condition and for $18.00!! For now I’m not planning on painting the headboard and if I do, I will probably go for a pink tone. I am hesitant because the wood is actually in BEATIFUL condition. So we will see how the room comes together first and if the wood tone doesn’t go I will get out the paint brush.


ACCENTS: THIS Giraffe, was found by my sisters, sister-in-law this past October when we had a girls weekend in Ohio. For wait….. $8.00!! So I couldn't walk out of the antique store without it. This was also around the time we noticed our little lady who wasn't even a year old and LOVED animals! She was barking at dogs constantly and would perk up anytime an animal appeared. GIRAFEE perfection! As you can see in the pic below, he is big, I think he is close to 4 feet! YES!!! My plan for this big guy is to live on top of the dresser, I’m still on the hunt for the right one for our big giraffe to dance on.


I spray painted Mr. Giraffe this yellow orange tone, I pictured him other colors but it just didn’t seem right so I went with the good old, giraffe’s are yellow thing. Also, I loved this color from Krylon, Bauhaus Gold and I found this yellow bedding below. Done, yellow giraffe. It looks like yellow will be a major player in this little ladies room.


TEXTILES: Target always has awesome clearance items, but recently a Target near us converted from a regular Target to a Super Target so LOTS of stuff was on SUPER clearance. So I couldn’t resist this too cute sunny yellow quilt and sham for $17.00, these bright teal sheets for $4.50 and this great weight pure white curtain for $2.88. YUP AWESOME scores.



To personalize the curtains, I think I will be cutting this one panel in half and doing a fun poof ball tassel treatment as seen here on Love Maegan. I’m thinking this will be a good place to add a pop of pink or purple.

Pinned Image

I’m also have some big plans to add some fun personality to the quilt.  I’m thinking safari animal silhouettes in graphic patterned fabric. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

Possible Color Schemes: I’m leaning towards the first color option below, mainly because once I saw this color combination I couldn't stop thinking about a kelly green dresser! I also love the pink and purple in this combo. The only thing holding me back from going with it is that I was REALLY wanting to incorporate coral into her room. The second option has a coral color but I’m just not digging it as much, maybe it’s too serious and less whimsical? Not sure, I guess maybe I need to reserve using coral in another room in our house hmmmm.

pinned brights

color view


Here’s a few other inspiration & possible accent ideas:

This zebra art would be a fun accent with big giraffe, the colors would work great in her room too. It’s a bit more than I would normally spend for kids art but this might just be cute enough to splurge for a special gift.

Pinned Image

This lion looks so friendly! My thoughts are to maybe try and DIY this guy for art on the ladies wall. I love the graphic black and white. He would also add some neutral to the hopefully color space.

Pinned Image

Look a big giraffe, except this guy is a decal. I do love the contrast of the black and white and I LOVE the butterfly roman shade! Not to mention the sweet slumbering lion above the crib. This room is the perfect balance of whimsy and style.

Pinned Image

TO DO: I still need to figure out the wall color, a dresser, the rest of the décor, a light fixture and fixing the closet doors. I’m excited on what we have collected so far and we won’t be too worried about moving her into her big girl room another 5 or 6 months. If you remember this story about her midnight crib escape, this is part of the reason we will move her out around this time. I’m thinking this will be about the time she will no longer like the crib tent and will try and wriggle her way out again. She’s been getting in and out of her brother’s twin bed without assistance for a couple months now, I think she’ll be ready.

Have you found any awesome items that you scored and didn’t NEED at the moment but knew you would in the future? Okay friends, time to help! What color should I go for on the walls? White? Teal? Purple? Pink? I change my mind everyday!!!! BRING ON THE SUGGESTIONS!

That’s my Shiny ~


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