Saturday, February 4, 2012

Staple Gun Fun

I FINALLY got a staple gun! For $11 what a fun new tool! I already had the perfect project waiting for me and my new tool at home. A sweet little chair I found with my Mom when we went antiquing. The chair was $5, I bought a remnant of upholstery fabric at a local fabric store for $3, batting for $1. Not too shabby.

I was planning on only recovering the seat one night after the kiddos were sleeping and the Hubby was doing homework but once I got started I couldn't stop! I finished the seat and the seat back in probably 1 hour. I am planning on painting the chair so I will take the seat back off again when I get to that. For now I don't mind the wood and I am loving the fresh new fabric. Much better than the original holey brown musty fabric.



This was a GREAT first project to tackle with my new staple gun because everything was VERY accessible and easy to take apart and reassemble thanks to the design of the chair. See the handy hardware on the back. This is actually an old school "sewing chair" so the seat lifts off and has storage underneath, EASY PEASY! I can't wait to find another project I can use my staple gun for!

The Rundown:

1. Remove seat from chair, remove old fabric from seat.
2. Cut batting and fabric 3 inches wider than seat.
3. Line fabric up straight, pull tight and secure sides with staple gun first and  work out to corner's keeping fabric tight.
4. Wrap corners like wrapping a present and staple.
5. Repeat steps above for chair back 

Stay tuned for an update on this chair make over, right now I am thinking I will paint this antique white. I am hoping to get to it next week.

Have you recently purchased any fun new tools that have helped you tackle some projects on your to do list?

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