Saturday, October 29, 2011

REAL DEAL: Billowy Blouses with MILEAGE

Flutter sleeved billowy blouses are versatile and for the most part universally flattering. These tops can transform from day-to-night in a snap when paired with the right accessories and bottoms.

Anthropology probably puts out THE BEST most romantic and BEAUTIFUL fluttery tops, they also have the price tag to PROVE it. If you desire a gorgeous Anthropology inspired fluttery top you might find these similar options at Francesca's Collection pretty good stand-ins and MUCH NICER on the wallet!

Anthropology:                                     Francesca's Collection:
Ruffled Coral Top: $88                         Ruffled Coral Top: $34
Neutral Floral Top: $198                       Neutral Floral Top: $34
Teal Tie Waste Top: $158                     Teal Tie Waste Top: $34

Like the Look:                                  Like the Price:

Here are a few ideas on how to get the most mileage out of these tops. For day, pair anyone of these tops with distressed skinny jeans, riding boots, a simple watch and shoulder bag. CUTE! Switch it up for night with dark denim wide leg trousers, a sassy pair of coordinating platform heels, dangling earrings, a few chunky bracelets and a colorful clutch. To really mix it up and give these billowy blouses some EXTRA mileage, pair with a pencil skirt, tights, a cardigan and coordinating boots or heels for Sunday brunch or church. Talk about a top with mileage!

Rocking any one of these billowy blouses will make a lady feel SPECTACULAR no matter what time of day!

Which one is your favorite? My FAV is the neutral floral top by Francesca.

That's my Shiny ~


Friday, October 21, 2011

Shiny of the Week: New Foods & First Steps

We have had a great week, mostly hunkered down at home avoiding the cold and wet autumn weather. These moments snuggled up at home can be just as magical as the out-and-about days too!

We enjoyed lots of homemade yummy food. Including several new recipes like, stuffed acorn squash and eggplant parmesan (get recipe here). This was my first time cooking and EATING eggplant. It was a major success. All four of us DEVOURED this delicious veggie dish!

Pinned Image
On a more exciting note, with ALL this time hanging at home (mostly in our sweats) our little lovely, 10 1/2 month old baby girl is full blown walking...... or running that is.

Literally, she went from taking a handful of steps between furniture to.... SQUATTING.....STANDING.... TAKING OFF!!
Love that go-getter girl!

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I hope you had a SHINY week.... Happy Weekend.

That's my Shiny ~


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Real Deal: Beautiful Edge

Got to love the juxtaposition of a feminine dress and a harder edgy leather motorcycle jacket. The trend of mixing hard and soft has been going strong for the last few seasons and I don't see it quitting any time soon. I think this inspiration look is perfect, a beautiful drapy dress, monochromatic tones, a fabulous jacket, LOVE!

Why not rock this look for a date night downtown. Soft enough to feel pretty and edgy enough to feel a little vampy. Ohh la la!!

Like the Look:

Camilla Skovgaard Cuban Heel BootiesMade Her Think Baby Claw Post Earrings

Like the Price:

Damage: $160.05

Now this is more than I would normally spend on an outfit. Particularly the jacket. But this jacket was so cute and STILL a great deal, I couldn't resist including it. What about that collar! Awesome!

Here are a couple more jacket options. One a little more affordable and one more similar to the original inspiration. Happy choosing!!

Great jacket, GREAT price!

Little more costly, but love the shearling and this coat would be much more substantial as an actual coat for the fall and winter months.

That's my Shiny ~ J

Monday, October 10, 2011

REAL DEAL: Autumn Flare

Nothing is better on a cool day than putting on GREAT pair of flared jeans, heeled booties and a chunky sweater. This look is just as comfy and practical as it is stylish. But of course this inspiration look is FAR (and I mean FAR) out of my financial reach. With a little bit of hunting I scavenged a similar look for a MUCH more likable price.

I am LOVING the 70's silhouettes happening for this fall and winter. Flares are back and in a BIG way! Here is a favorite look of the HUGE trend this season.

Like this Look:
Pinned Image
*look courtesy of

Break Down:

Damage: $511.99 YIKES!!

Like this Price:

Break Down:
Sweater: HM - $9.95

Damage: $52.15 YIPPEE!!!

That's just about a 90% price difference!

I know forever 21 might not be every one's cup of tea (see this post for more), but it is a great resource for trendy inexpensive clothing and accessories. I tried on these flares this past weekend and they are REALLY cute, I didn't pull the trigger on buying them yet because I had the kids with me and couldn't focus, but I will be going back to get these FOR SURE!

What fall trends are you digging? How do you score fashion deals?

That's my Shiny ~

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Skinny Budget & Skinny Jeans: A weekly Series Kick-Off

Jeans can definitely be an article of clothing to invest in, however I like to play it safe with trends like extreme flare denim and skinny. It is hard to say how long these looks just might be around. Could be ten seasons could be one. Like skinnies, remember 3 or 4 years ago when skinnies first hit, I was definitely a naysayer and wasn't sure about this "trend" but just look, skinnies are still going strong (this season it seems that the ankle skimming skinnies are the stuff).

So, when rocking denim that might be on the trendier side I am a MAJOR deal hunter. I also have a VERY moderate clothing budget. Literally an outfit head to toe including shoes most likely is under $50. MODERATE! This is for a few reasons:

1. I ENJOY deal hunting

2. My family is on one income

3. We operate on a pretty strict cash budget

4. My Super Hero name should be The Incredible Body Morphing Woman (wait is that a Circus name? hrrmmm) . I am sure lots of you Momma's are in the same boat. Maternity to postpardum to the last days of breastfeeding when ENOUGH calories cannot be consumed in a day. Since Q's birth in late November I have changed 4 going on 5 sizes. Averaging a size for about 8 - 12 weeks. I'm happy to loose the baby weight, not so happy to NEVER have a consistent wardrobe.

I REFUSE to spend a substantial amount of money on clothes that don't fit for more than a few months. Just when you think you are "done" shrinking it is time for the cycle to begin again. So, I won't be buying ANY investment clothing (okay maybe shoes) until we are done growing our family, so for now REAL DEALS is ALL I can muster.

I have been about every size under the sun for the last three years, so my saving grace has been Forever 21's skinny jeans. I own a pair of their $10 skinnies in EVERY size! They are holding up great considering the cost (each size gets worn A LOT for those 8-12 weeks!).

Moral of the story, sometimes the deal is worth facing the blaring pop music, narrow isle, short skirt paradise while navigating a double stroller through the madness.

Because I am a girl who has ALWAYS and will always LOVE a good deal and because I like the hunt just about as much, I am going to be sharing some of that with y'all! Get ready for some weekly fun and some REAL DEALS coming your way!

That's my Shiny ~