Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chair Repair

I got around to spray painting my little chair (fabric update seen here) a few weeks ago, sorry I didn’t update you sooner. I decided to use Krylon’s Dover White and I’m really happy with how it turned out! The white is still nice and bright but has a little depth and turned out shiny and glossy. I really like the pop of white and the robin’s egg blue dotted fabric with the modern feel of the chair, it adds some softness to its harder modern lines.

Here’s a reminder of what the chair looked like before:

and After Fabric Upgrade:

and After Painting:


We are using the chair at our craigslist purchased desk but are hoping in the near future to purchase a larger more substantial chair and desk. This is due to the fact that my Mr. and his 6’4 self can’t sit comfortably at this desk and my new fav little chair. I’m planning to use this desk and chair as a vanity (with a little paint on the desk and some SHINY accessories) and move it to our master bedroom. I kept this in mind when choosing fabric and paint as I upgraded the chair so it will look great in our master too! I’ll keep ya posted on that switcheroo.

This project was well worth the cost. The chair was $5, the fabric $3, batting $1, primer $4, two cans of spray paint $9. Total cost: $21.00.



Amazing what a little fabric and spray paint can do!

That’s my Shiny ~


Friday, March 9, 2012

Shiny of the Week: Hitting the “Reset” Button

On this wonderful Friday, I feel rested, grateful, patient and calm. On Monday I felt NONE of these things. Thankfully each day this week we inched closer to recovery from a couple VERY stressful weeks.


It all began with a MAJOR decision we made as a family for the Hubs to change employers. Changing jobs is exciting and scary and also requires LOTS of adjusting. After we made that decision the Hubs did all the tuff stuff like accepting the new position and resigning from the other. All stressful things on their own. About a week after that, the MAJOR stresses started, both of my Husbands Grandmother’s passed away 10 days apart. Just as we were recovering from the unexpected passing of one Grandmother we got a phone call that his other Grandmother was in the hospital and not expected to make it long. Our family was on a two week stint of mourning, funerals, comforting, hosting family, visiting family, crying, rejoicing and all the other things that come when you lose a loved one. Not to mention in this same period of time our little man turned 3 and his birthday party was in the mix. Lets not forget jumbled in there is the Hubs leaving the comfort of the job he had for the last 3 1/2 years and walking into unfamiliar territory and “starting” all over again. To top off the stress stew the final ingredient, wait for it ..……. the kids GOT SICK!! Ending the crazy extravaganza at Urgent Care with a baby girl who had a 104 fever. 

Once the antibiotics kicked in, fevers broke and I was able to go to the grocery store for the first time in weeks. Things began to feel less awful and more peaceful as we added some normalcy back to our life. We were FINALLY able to focus on each other and just spend time together! Also, getting some MUCH needed sleep this week has been HUGE. So here we are Friday, 3 weeks after all this began and we are feeling grateful for having an AMAZING family and AMAZING friends to help pull us through. I also feel SO super blessed to know that when the storms a raging outside all this little family NEEDS to regain sanity is to hunker down together and just be in our own little world, spending hours at the dinner table, playing on the floor or reading stories before bed.

The biggest challenge of hitting the “reset” button it is knowing where to find it!




That’s my Shiny ~