Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012

I am optimistic about what 2012 has to offer (it's what I do)! At this juncture there are a few things on the agenda that I am REALLY looking forward to. The first is that I am CONVINCING myself to be excited about my 29th Birthday happening tomorrow. Yes!! I will be excited about 29, I will be excited about 29!
Another SUPER thing I have been enjoying already in 2012 is walking into my 10th year with the Mr. We celebrated our 10th Christmas together and our 10th New Year (we started dating in the fall of 2002).  2002 - 2012.... a decade, wow! I feel so blessed that I have able to do this for almost a DECADE with this great, amazing person who is also my best friend and MY HUSBAND! We've grown up together and have forged an amazing little path and no matter how small it seems I know deep in my heart that we are making our mark on this world. It might not be GINORMOUS yet but you and me together can do anything, baby!! I am looking forward to seeing what things become possible in our little love story in 2012. 
Watching our kids grow. Somehow we now have two toddler's who wrestle, play, giggle at each other and kiss each other good night, it is amazing really how fast we got here. I am greatly looking forward to watching their bond grow even stronger in 2012. Not only that but also watching them grow individually and become a little closer to the people they were born to be.

Being a great Wife, Momma and homemaker and blogging about as much of it as I can fit in! I hope to figure out how to write more often, including writing shorter posts and being less worried about if everyone will like it, I still struggle with letting go of the judgement stuff. Also, GIVING MYSELF A BIG FAT BREAK!! The house will NEVER be clean from top to bottom, GET OVER IT LADY.... and it's A-OKAY if 90% of the time you put your make-up on in the car parked in driveway with the kids SECURELY buckled in their car seats quietly eating snacks because lets face it, you are still getting it on your face! Please tell me I'm not the only Momma who does this?? My neighbors are probably starting to wonder what I am doing....I've got it down to 3 minutes though.

Hu, I really wasn't intending on this being a New Year's Resolution type post, I'm not really into resolutions....or I guess the guilt that usually comes with a resolution. I am more of a choice person, make a conscious choice and GO (with lots of prayer along the way). So lets call it that, a conscious choice.... I will consciously put my make-up on in the driveway....hahahaha. Just kidding. I will however, choose to be the best Wife, Momma and Homemaker I can, I will be IN THE MOMENT and blog about as much of it as I can fit in. CHEERS!! Happy Happy 2012.

Have you made any conscious choices to be better in 2012??

I hope you have an awesome YEAR!

That's my Shiny ~



  1. I don't do resolutions either but the start of a new year is a good time to examine one or two things to improve upon. We "resolved" to work on organization and cleanliness in the house, talk less about work and live healthily. 2011 was AWESOME for us and we're excited about 2012! Happy New Year to you, Friend!

  2. @kslapplander Thanks for sharing! I need to work on the healthy stuff too, less dessert and a little more exercise!