Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Impromptu Pinterest Dinner Party

 My college girlfriends and I try to get together twice each year, once in the summer and once around the Holidays. Being totally honest we are lucky if one of those two times actually ends up coming together. This year we got to do BOTH! Our Holiday gathering happened last weekend and we had so so so much fun! We did lots of catching up, giggling and we even did some hair braiding (see more on this below). Funny even at almost 30 we still manage to have the good old stereotypical sleep overs, LOVE!

For the location, we decided to congregate at my house, it's a decent middle point (and the ladies also wanted to see our little kiddos for a bit). We also decided to have a dinner party instead of going out to dinner, that way we wouldn't feel rushed and could REALLY catch up. Once those things were decided we all started throwing out menu ideas and what each of us would bring. I was in charge of the main dish and wasn't coming up with much. So about a week before the shindig we went a different route and decided to go TAPAS style (that means a wide variety of appetizers or snacks). This was SUPER fun and came together really GREAT!! Much easier than trying to coordinate the type of food and what would go together and assigning each person something, because with appetizers it all GOES!! 

Once the ladies arrived we pulled out the fare and realized that MOST of our dishes were made via Pinterest! It ended up being a WONDERFUL impromptu Pinterest dinner party! We had so much fun talking about what we made, were we found it and of course the BILLION other things we have seen on Pinterest and have tried or have been wanting to try!

Here are the DELICIOUS dishes we made. Let me just tell you, the food was FAN-to-the-TASTIC, all of these are definitely worth whipping up!!

Southwestern Egg Rolls with Avocado Ranch
Pinned Image

Baked Brie
Pinned Image

Mini Caprese Bites
Pinned Image

Easy Pizza Rolls
Pinned Image

Baker's Square French Silk Pie
Pinned Image

Nutella Cake Balls
Pinned Image

We also had a few other things that we didn't find on Pinterest like this amazing crab cheese spread on english muffins, YUM! The good old grape jelly and chili sauce meatballs, chips and salsa, shrimp and dip, raspberry truffles, and a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, another YUM!! This is what our spread looked like.

Here's a little more Pinterest love, back to the hair braiding as promised we tried this waterfall braid and as expected it was GORGEOUS, not the easiest hairstyle to master on yourself though and we did this no heat hair curling technique.

Pinned Imageno heat hair curls, MUST TRY! 
I have been doing this curling technique for a few months now and LOVE it! It is great for second day hair. I actually did this technique the night before the party so my hair was wavy for the festivities!

What have you been up to on Pinterest lately?  What have you tried and LOVED?

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