Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sleeping This Weekend & A Sparkly T-Shirt

Friday Night: 
I slept on the floor next to Q's crib.

At 4:00 AM our little 12 month old baby daughter LAUNCHED herself out of her crib and on to the floor. Yes, yes you just read that correctly. She is 12 MONTHS and 1 week to be exact, and yes her crib is moved to the lowest level, the side rail was not down and she did not use any type of stuffed animal to aid in her escape. So needless to say, we were a little frazzled and worried. She thankfully landed on her bum so no major injuries occurred other than my nerves being SEVERED! Until we figured out a solution I wasn't going to leave her in there unattended, so what did this Momma do? I rocked my baby back to sleep put her in her crib and slept on the floor until morning. Saturday we hunted down and bought a crib tent. Yes, I know not my idea of cute and precious nursery decor either but at least she will be SAFE!

Saturday Night:
I slept on the couch with a bucket and a towel

Near 10:00 PM my belly started doing flips. Looks like Q's little stomach bug was not going to be polite and leave me alone. My barking dog friend had returned AGAIN (more about that here).

Sunday Night:
I slept in C's bed

Why: Sunday morning the bug continued it's TORTUROUS rounds and went after our sweet little boy next. He had a rough Sunday and did fairly well sleeping until some time in the middle of the night when he said "lay in my bed Momma", and of course I couldn't resist the request of the cutest little sick boy. So I crawled in, thankfully I was so tired I actually slept.

Hopefully we are on the other side of this mayhem and we are PRAYING that our family can be healthy for awhile after this long stretch of sickness. So yet again I apologize for the delay!

Bedazzled 1 T-Shirt Tutorial:

t-shirt or onesie
fabric paint
small craft paint brush
ladybug buttons (or buttons of choice)
Scrap book ready to stick gems

1. Pick out your desired number or stencil.  Use some kind of tape to tape down your stencil in the desired spot on your T.

2. Squirt out a little of your fabric paint. Get your small craft paint brush. Carefully paint the outline of your number first, don't use to much paint and try not to push your brush right up against the edge of the stencil too hard, this will result in the paint bleeding. A little bleeding is okay but you don't want it too look messy. After you paint the outline fill the rest of the number in. Remove the stencil and let the paint dry.

3. Bedazzle time! I used the scrap book ready to stick gems. They actually worked GREAT! Not one fell off. I did this for two reasons, I went out to get my remaining supplies on black Friday so the store was crazy and I was not about to continue hunting for other gems among the madness. Second, it saved me a gluing step and I wasn't intending on this being more than a one time wear shirt (after washing only about 1/2 the gems made it). To add longevity you could just put a dot of fabric glue on each gem before sticking. I used two sizes of gems and outlined the number. This is what ascetically looked best to me. Have fun with it and do what you think will look best!(forgot to take a picture of the sticking, sorry)

4. Sew buttons on to your shirt. I choose to sew the buttons on to one shoulder of the shirt to look like little ladybugs where crawling up her sleeve. I thought it looked cute and really pulled the tutu and shirt together. 

TA DA a special little shirt for your special little person!

Stencil: $0 Already owned (I bought this pack of letters and numbers for $5.99 at Walmart, used for this project originally)
Gems and one Pack of Buttons: $3.00 (with sale, I only used three of the 9 buttons)
Fabric Paint: $2.00 (I only used a smidgen of paint, I have lots left for more projects)

Total Cost: $7.00

Time: 2 hours, I spent about an hour making this shirt and probably another hour shopping (I went to three different stores, mostly due to the fact that I didn't have a clear picture of what I wanted when I started).

Enjoy bedazzling and stenciling a jazzy shirt for a special person! Have any of you made a shirt or something special for a birthday boy or girl to wear? I hope you all had more comfortable sleeping situations then myself this weekend. Have you found your sleeping routine disrupted by anything ridiculous, oh say like a 29 1/2 inch little gymnast doing an aerial out of her crib?

That's my Shiny ~

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  1. I can barely keep track of myself let alone a whole family - you are a super star! I do have trouble sleeping sometimes when the cats surround my legs and I can't move, though :)