Monday, October 10, 2011

REAL DEAL: Autumn Flare

Nothing is better on a cool day than putting on GREAT pair of flared jeans, heeled booties and a chunky sweater. This look is just as comfy and practical as it is stylish. But of course this inspiration look is FAR (and I mean FAR) out of my financial reach. With a little bit of hunting I scavenged a similar look for a MUCH more likable price.

I am LOVING the 70's silhouettes happening for this fall and winter. Flares are back and in a BIG way! Here is a favorite look of the HUGE trend this season.

Like this Look:
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*look courtesy of

Break Down:

Damage: $511.99 YIKES!!

Like this Price:

Break Down:
Sweater: HM - $9.95

Damage: $52.15 YIPPEE!!!

That's just about a 90% price difference!

I know forever 21 might not be every one's cup of tea (see this post for more), but it is a great resource for trendy inexpensive clothing and accessories. I tried on these flares this past weekend and they are REALLY cute, I didn't pull the trigger on buying them yet because I had the kids with me and couldn't focus, but I will be going back to get these FOR SURE!

What fall trends are you digging? How do you score fashion deals?

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