Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Little Lemon Whimsy

Well the freebie find "garbage diving" highchair, that I previously posted about here, is now painted, complete and being used by our little peanut daily! It turned out great! It was a bit of a slow go at first. The can of spray paint I purchased of Rustoleum Sun Yellow didn't work properly and I spent too much time shaking and the nozzle kept clogging. We got things moving once I found the PERFECT fabric for the seat cushion and got a new can of paint.  


This was the slow part using the faulty can of spray paint
CAN YOU BELIEVE I found this AWESOME lemon fabric?! It was almost like I picked the fabric first then picked the paint (this would have been the smarter route) but I picked the paint first and hoped some suitable fabric would follow. This is more than suitable it's PERFECTION!!!


I used quilt edging for the ties and the buckle. These old school highchairs don't have a safety guard to keep the little buggers from sliding under the tray, so I added straps on either side and one in the middle with a loop, adding a belt buckle thingy purchased at Joann's along with the fabric, batting and quilt edging.
 For the seat cushions I bought a pre-cut piece of outdoor dense batting that is washable and mildew resistant, this well DEFINITELY NEED to be washed a time or two. I cut it to size for the back and bottom cushion. I then made a basic cover using the fabric, sewing three sides inserting the batting and then closing the last side by hand.
So there you have it a piece garbage is now a little piece of sunny yellow in our dining room, fun and lemon whimsy! Oh yea, the best part, this project cost about $11.00 TOTAL!!! I spent $3 on the spray paint and $8.00 at Joann Fabric on fabric, batting, buckles and quilt binding (this would have been more but I utilized several of their AMAZING coupons!!) and I have fabric left over too, hmmmm I will have to think about how to use this on another project!

P.S. See you later large, chunky, ANNOYING, plastic Chico highchair!

That's my Shiny ~



  1. Just stumbled upon your cute chair L-o-v-e it! Keep up the good work and cute ideas!

  2. ADORABLE! Luving your blog by the way :o)

  3. @Cass
    Thanks so much! We are still loving it, our little peanut Q, looks pretty adorable eating in her sunny seat!

  4. @Brooke

    Thanks so much! I feel like I am just getting in the blog groove, I REALLY appreciate your encouragement!

  5. May I ask which plastic tray is used? I am currently looking for a replacement. Thank you.

    1. Sorry, I'm not really sure. It's the tray I found with chair. Since this post I have been a little more cautious about "old" plastic since BPA can be an issue. If we use this chair for eating I make sure to use a plate or attach a tiny diner to it. Hope this helps!