Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's your Ball?

In a quiet house while watching House Hunter's International I saw the new Ball Jar Commercial. The commerical made me smile and think how VERY much I love my own (small) ball jar collection. I do love a good ball jar and I know I am NOT the only one! I prefer my ball in blue and with a glass top not the metal. I use these for extra color and food storage on my kitchen counter. Food can be so beautiful when displayed and I just love the way my blue ball jars showcase things like chocolate chips and whole wheat penne.

I only have a small collection at this point because I am a little picky and want a variety of sizes, in the blue color and with the glass tops, not the easiest to find (and did I mention for a good price?). I currently have five and I am ALWAYS looking for more, I have a few of the good ole" clear with metal lids. These I use to store food in the fridge ( I try to avoid plastic food storage where possible) or to store baby food. At this point I haven't done any traditional canning but this year might be a first with our CSA veggies, I'll keep ya posted.

Among the ladies I know who cook or antique most have a few or avidly collect ball jars and each seem to use their jars for different functions around their homes. I just love when something practical becomes something beautiful! The ball jar is a perfect example of just that! Do think the Ball Brother's ever would have thought that 132 years (see the incredible timeline of the company here) later their jars would be a coveted utensil in the modern 2011 home?

What's your ball?

Here's a few of my fav creations:

Isn't this wall of ball jars and flowers just GORGEOUS!

I love the use of chains and the different height of the jars, the how to can be found here (click on photo for link):

What a unique light a little modern a little vintage, LOVE!

What a beautiful way to store craft or office supplies

That's my Shiny -


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  1. You found such great photos and ideas of how to use these magical jars! :) Thanks for sharing and linking my chain-hanging jars!!

    -Jenny at