Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Rescue of a Throw Pillow

I was in the aisles of Target looking for double sided place mats to turn into throw pillows, one of my very favorite bloggers posted (<~ here's the link) the how to;

so I thought I would give it a go.  I looked for the perfect place mat..... of course I found nothing that tickled my fancy. While standing there looking in wonder at the place mats for far too long I became AGITATED!! I started thinking of all the throw pillows just sitting in my basement that we used previously but don't fit our color scheme or needs now...AGGGGGH why do I need ANOTHER PILLOW!! So I went down the throw pillow aisle looking for pillow covers, found none.... (I had also already looked online several times for pillow covers and found some great ones for GOBS of cha-ching cha-ching, not an option). I went back to the place mats... stared... and then.... INSPIRATION was hanging right next to the place mats!! As lighting hit me square in the gut I thought, NO NO THERE IS NO WAY THAT DINNER NAPKINS HAVE THE SAME DIMENSION OF A STANDARD THROW PILLOW..... so you guessed it, I broke the rules and carefully opened a package of four beautiful dinner napkins and headed for the throw pillow aisle and VUALA..... magic!!!

So for $6.50 I bought a set of four dinner napkins to cover two of my down throw pillow inserts. Yes, the beautiful robins egg blue with circle detail dinner napkins sat for about 4 months (don't judge). I am not an expert seamstress and I bought a super cute vintage Singer at a garage sale last summer that I was too intimidated to use... so it took me some time to get up the gusto.  But GUSTO came and I sewed, not perfectly but because I already had perfectly cut and square fabric with seamed edges, this was a MAJORLY forgiving first project to start with (I hadn't used a sewing machine since middle school). Our "backroom", as we call it, is now outfitted with two beautiful throw pillows for $3.25 a pop that work perfectly.  HURRAY!!! I do love a good pillow, I'm just glad I was able to rescue two from an early basement grave.  I am hoping to rescue two more pillows with a similar project from another favorite blog with felt in the very near future. 

Here is what I did:
1. Bought Napkins

2. Line up two of the napkins with detail smooching inside out
3. Sewed three sides right along the already existing seam, (talk about easy peasy)

4. Sew a few inches on both ends of your fourth side for a clean corners
5. Turn pillow right side in, so your seams are on the inside of pillow

6. Stuff in your old pillow
7. Hand sew the remaining opening


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