Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Those 30 Seconds

There are no greater moments than when a family can enjoy God's creation together! Our little family was able to experience many wonderful parts of this beautiful earth while on our vacation. Experiencing all of these things with our children made EVERYTHING feel exciting and new for G and I!

We even had to figure out how to "vacation" again.  It was quite a shock the first few days to get readjusted to the new meaning of "vacation" from pre-kiddos to post. I have to admit that we had quite a moment of realization our first time on the beach with both of them. We just looked at each with blank stares thinking, okay now what? Once we adjusted oh THE WORK IT TOOK ....but the FUN, oh the FUN!!! We had so many giggly moments of excitement and joy! C, our two year old, has been telling everyone "God made ocean" and "scooby doo at acareieum" (he means scuba diver at aquarium), "swim in cool" (swim in pool) and all sorts of memories he is carrying with him. Our baby girl Q, was a sweet little swimming fish!

After this experience I can REALLY see how easy it would be to NOT take vacations or road trips or fly or experience things as your family grows. Traveling with children takes astronomical amounts of work and it isn't free, but it is PRICELESS! Just think of all that fun that would be missed! Not to mention the opportunity to show your children the world while growing closer as a family as you do it! Granted many of those amazing moments may only be 30 seconds followed by 2 hours of crying and hysteria but in my opinion those 30 seconds ARE EVERYTHING! As a parent it can be IMPOSSIBLE to forget about the hysteria and REALLY hard to focus on the 30 seconds of shear and utter MAGIC we see in our childrens' faces, but isn't that what we MUST do at all costs for our children and for our family?! Because no matter what the experience on the other side we come out as a stronger unit.
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