Friday, April 15, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog?

1. Creative Outlet
2. Accountability, keep things fun & exciting for my family
3. Motivation to finish projects
4. Community
5. Testimony
6. Jerusalem

1. Privacy
2. Time
3. Creepers
4. Judgement
5. Fear

For the past year, almost exactly, I have been debating about starting a blog. If I am going to be totally honest I registered my blog a year ago but have yet to post anything, mostly out of fear. However, the time has come I am sick of thinking about it (and ignoring the LOUD screaming whispers) and debating in my head if I should blog or not. So I'M A' DOIN' IT!!!! I still have yet to overcome some of my hesitations from my gloomy list, but I am trusting and all will come. My largest fear is exposing my family to anything they have not asked for. I will with all my might do my best to keep them safe from any such happenings.

So for me, my Shiny list prevails! I will blog, I'm not sure if people will find me or what I have to share interesting, but in the end that is not what this is about.

Well, for now, that's my shiny!


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