Thursday, April 21, 2011

Popsicles, Vernors and Mrs. Grass

My request list to my Mr:
 Popsicles, Vernor's and Mrs. Grass soup.
Ugh, on Sunday night I woke up to our 2 year old calling "Momma" and thought hmmmm something just does not feel quite right. Monday morning this was confirmed I had a stomach bug, YUCK! This realization was not fun, as I am sure all you Mommas know, taking care of kiddos while sick is probably one of the most challenging things on the face of this planet (not to mention nursing one of those kiddos!). I was also quite disheartened because of a similar 2010 occurrence that was quite embarrassing, after the Apocalypse I now KNOW more than EVER my man loves me UNCONDITIONALLY!!!!! (I will share more about this occurrence in a future post, once my belly is back to normal, I can't stomach it yet)

Being sick is NEVER fun but it sure does show you how much you are loved! These last few days my Hubby and Kids were so great! They took such good care of me and now I am on the mend.  It is so easy as a Wife and Mom to always take care of the ones we love and that is what WE LOVE TO DO! However, sometimes we need to be knocked on our butts and BE taken care of by our loved ones.  Aren't these the best moments to realize just how blessed we are! Having 2 kiddos who gave me lots of snuggles and kisses. My 2 year old who continually asked "Momma OK?" and gave me big smooches. A fantastic Man who bought me Popsicles, Vernor's and Mrs. Grass, did 6 loads of laundry took care of the kids and came in to hold my hair when he heard the sounds of my barking gag from the bathroom (literally I sound like a large barking dog). Oh to be loved =)

Excited for my next post, we are going on a road trip, look out !

That's my Shiny -



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