Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shiny of the Week: SNOW!

We've had an awesome week, including our first snow!! This was a GREAT first snow too! Not only did it snow, it stuck around long enough for us to play in! 

It was fitting because me and my Mr. spent ALL DAY last Saturday Christmas shopping and we found winter gear for the ENTIRE fam! Pretty awesome. So the kiddos and I got all decked out in our new gear and played in the (melting) snow. It was FANTASTIC!

My favorite part of the first snow, C's take on it: "Mom I want to lay in the snow and do this" as he was laying on the floor moving his arms and legs, making snow angel motions.  So sweet! The BEST comment "Mom I want to feel the snow on my lips" while sweetly touching his lips and looking out the window. LOVE that kid!

That's my Shiny ~



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