Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Funner Summer and Autumn Anticipation!

This Summer went by in a flash and was filled with gobs of fun for our little family! We are sadly saying goodbye to summer but happily welcoming autumn. I sure do love summer but I am looking forward to the slower pace, warmer clothes and comfort food cooking the fall season brings. I will however miss all of our fun outdoor activities, the beach, grilling, the sun, fresh produce and most of all our Up North get-away, the cottage.

Things I am ready to say "see ya later" to until next year,  the slammed packed summer agenda, road construction AND my house in an utter chaotic dirty state due to the slammed schedule.

Being a SAHM (Stay-at-Home-Mom) with my Little's has allowed for us to do many fun things through out the year, but much of our exploring here in Michigan happens in the warmer months.

Here's a little taste of our FUNNER SUMMER this year:

Berry Picking: This is such a fun activity for toddlers and all the kids! They enjoy picking and helping and seeing our hard works results! It also provides kids with the knowledge of learning how our food is grown and the importance of supporting local agriculture and of course healthy eating! This is also pretty much a FREE activity due to the fact that your only cost is for berries and most likely you will pay slightly less than at the grocery store because YOU are the labor. Lets face it WHAT IS BETTER IN THE SUMMER THAN FRESH PICKED STRAWBERRIES or BLUEBERRIES (I will post two of my favorite recipes that we made this summer from the pickings)!!

LAKE LIVING: The kiddos and I and a few of our friends were able to explore a few of our local beaches. Several of which are on Lake Michigan! What a treat! These days are fun and tiring, the kids SLEEP AMAZING! We traveled to Lake Michigan's Silver Beach several times and enjoyed the, carousel, water cannon park and of course the beach front and lake! We also kept it closer to home and traveled to the local beach on the VERY hot days this summer. Our beach trips consisted of JUMPING in the big waves, making sand castles, eating picnic lunches and chasing minnows.

Also, like many Michigan families we are blessed with a family cottage Up North and THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH!! We had a TON of amazing moments this year, C learning how to swim, Q splashing like a wild woman, C casting his little fishing pole all over the place, antiquing with the ladies,  the kiddos snuggling with their Auntie, Uncles, GG and Papa and so so many many more awesome moments! We escaped UP NORTH as much as possible, which also includes lots of packing, unpacking, laundry and crying melt downs in the car, all of which doesn't compare to AMAZINGESS of the experiences!

The Mundane: We also had so much fun doing everyday tasks outside with the kiddos. Including washing the car, play dates in the backyard, trips to the park, TONS of walks both around our neighborhood and at a great local walking trail.


Even though we had such a FANTASTIC summer we are looking forward to fall IMMENSELY!   

Look out here we come fall activities!! Like:
 story time at the public library, brisk nature walks, a trip to the apple orchard, football games, baking, cooking, going to the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins and oh so much more!

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